Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Day I Picked Up My Crown

In my early years of being an entrepreneur, I was living fast and free...or so I thought. My gift for business brought me to a place of financial prosperity that my character simply could not sustain. It wasn’t long before I fell hard and fast, right into the gutter of failure and shame. I have to say, I don’t fully regret that low point because it was in that place where I finally looked up to seek the only person who could rescue me from myself: Jesus Christ.

During the next few years, He helped me piece my life back together, and it wasn’t long before the gift He’d given me for business once again brought me to a place of great prosperity. However, this time I was different. I wasn’t going to allow the success to become a catalyst for just another plummet into personal failure.

It was around this time when I began to notice that even though I was starting to taste success again, my heart didn’t feel satisfied. The money, the flourishing business, and the influence couldn’t fulfill my deep desire to be connected to a vision that went way beyond my own life. I wanted more. I wanted to affect change in my world...change that represented Jesus Christ and His Church.

This is when God began to teach me about the dynamic partnership between the King (or businessperson) and the Priest (or Pastor). It’s a partnership He ordained, and only when His Kings and Priests are flowing synergistically can His Church be the powerful force she has been designed to be on this earth. This is also when I started to understand my unique place as a King in my local church, and when I first decided to pick up the crown God had for me.

Now, my life’s mission is to help marketplace leaders and pastors to understand their significance within their local churches and to fulfill their destinies of impacting the world. You see, both the King and Priest's destinies are intertwined.  It’s only when this generation of Kings and Priests will unite by embracing their roles in this God-ordained covenant relationship that the Church will become the undeniable voice she’s destined to be in this earth.

God has a crown waiting just for you too. It’s time for you to pursue your kingship and to pick up your crown! This weekly blog will help you think like a King, operate as a King, and fight like a King. As we journey together, I’m looking forward to sharing my heart with you and offering you the Pearls of Wisdom God has shown me. These Pearls have encouraged me to grow, motivated me to change, and helped me learn how to fulfill the purpose God has for my life.

Let’s Change Our World,

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